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Business Design: Are you meeting the needs of your market?

With any business, being very intentional about knowing your customer is critical. After all, if you don’t know them — their needs and wants, then how can you offer them what they’re looking for?

The most successful businesses give their customers what they need on a continual basis and that’s why their customers continue to stay with them year after year.

Here is a visual snapshot of what your customer is looking for? Have you met them where they’re at?

Business Fundamentals for Customer Engagement
Business Design Principles for Success

Below, I’ve re-written the points outlined in the visual. Be sure that you’re able to say that you’ve included each one in your business. If you haven’t already, ask yourself how you can do so. By having these areas outlined for you, you’ll better be able to see them objectively and ensure your business is doing the same.

So, be sure that your business includes these 4 points:

1. WANTS – Give your most valued customer what they WANT. Then sell them what they NEED.
2. WHY – Know why you’re doing what you’re doing & know why you want to solve their problem.
3. WHERE – It’s all about POSITIONING! Know where to meet your clients in the right place and at the right time.

But most importantly offer them the right marketing that’s going to grab their attention by ensuring that you’re answering their MOST burning question/issue.

4. Solve their problem by giving them results!

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