Janice has over a decades worth of experience freelancing for some of the top online influencers. Her extensive experience working online with top marketers allowed her to understand the world of online content marketing and design.

She is an experienced Digital Designer and Content Creation Specialist who loves to help people to create a life they love by packaging their knowledge, expertise and skills to create a profitable, sustainable and scalable business without being tied to their desk.

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Need help with writing compelling blog posts, content upgrade lead magnet design, writing autoresponders or promo product videos?

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When it comes to describing Janice’s work, let me put it this way: I’m a professional writer, my business is, like hers, words but when it comes to describing how talented, how professional, and how skilled Janice is I’m at a loss for words. She is simply that good! Working as the writing manager for an international services provider, I had the opportunity to see Janice’s high-quality work, creativity, and genuine care for each and every one of her projects. Our clients were always more than satisfied with Janice’s attention to detail and solution-oriented approach. Without exception, Janice brought that something more to every project; that intensity and originality that elevated the work from really good to quite excellent.

I look forward to working with Janice in the future and recommend her without any hesitation.”

Mark Leary | Owner, Soulsplash Writers

Thank you so much for critiquing my web copy.  I couldn’t see the areas that needed improvement by mysel. The edits you recommended definitely increased the impact of my copy dramatically over the way it read previously.  And you really put me at ease mentally, as your recommendations made me know that I was working with a true professional.  Thanks Janice!

 Tanya Hany, Copywriter

“Janice is one of the top, if not the best workers that I always look to when I have a new project that needs to be assigned. She’s always on top of her game. Whether she is writing articles, autoresponders, doing research or creating a marketing campaign, she is always quick, efficient, communicates well and produces top quality work. She is a true professional”

 LaDawn Hancock, WH4H

Your PDF documents were of very good quality. They were well illustrated and well presented with very useful and helpful information.  Your articles were also all very good quality and well written. Thank you!

Marianne Jones

“The project was fun and you are great to work with. It was a pleasure working with you!”  

Anelia, Designer