Blog Core Message

Do You Know Your Blogs Core Message?

Knowing your blogs core message plays a major role in the topics you create for your blog.

You must have a vision for your blog and that vision ties innately with your blogs purpose.

And in keeping with your core message, ask yourself these questions while deciding on topics to create for your blog and the content that you plan to share online:

What is the main thing you want to inform your readers about?

What is the reason people will be coming to your blog?

Think intentionally about your ideal client and customer and build your content based upon their needs, but essentially making sure that same content is meeting your business goals.

It is also equally as important for you to think of the keywords, essentially two or three keyword phrases relating to your core message. Take note of these keywords and write them down. These are the keywords that you will essentially keep at the forefront of all of your content — without being spammy.  This includes all of your blog marketing as well as any other marketing you do elsewhere online.

It’s these same words that must be placed throughout the article you plan to write for your blog. Actually, try to sprinkle them naturally throughout all of the content that you create online.

Want to find out more about how you can tailor your content to meet the needs of your audience? See our article here on how to properly blog to gain clients to your business.

There are so many companies that are doing business blogging right. It’s important to keep an eye on how they do it as you can do the same to gain a greater reach in your market!