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How to Determine your most ideal customer | Create their user profile for Greater Earnings!

When offering your service to the masses, although you may be able to reach a massive market, these customers may not be the right customer for you.

It’s important to strategically identify your customer by creating a user profile to ensure that your offer meets them at the right time of their customer journey.

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Customer Profile Knowledge | Gain Sales

So, if you think any customer is a good customer, you’re absolutely wrong!

Many businesses try to get a massive influx of traffic (from anyone) to their website. But they fail to realize that if they don’t strategically create the right type of content or advertising, then this traffic will fail to convert – leading to no leads or sales.

As a business owner, you need to convert as many of those people arriving to your offer, website or online content as much as possible. You should aim for as high a conversion rate as possible. After all, you put the time and energy into creating these content pieces and campaigns and you want results – whether that be having someone get in touch with you, buy your service or your buy product.

Traffic is nothing without a high enough conversion rate. So, that’s something to remember.

Ultimately, if you try to sell your service to everyone, you’ll only end up selling to no one in the end.

Ask any successful business owner and they’ll tell you this same fact. It’s essential that you determine your ideal customer, because you need to be certain that you understand them so well, so that you’re marketing the right type of service to them in a way that speaks personally to them while meeting their needs.

When you have the wrong customer, not only do they eat up your time and try to short-change you on price, but you may begin to resent them simply because they were never right for you in the first place.

It’s really not their fault that you accepted the invitation to have them as your client. So, that is why you must never assume that you know what your customer wants before doing thorough research on them. You must get into the psyche of your customer because if you don’t, you’ll never be able to sell them on your service.

It’s critical that you carefully determine first who your ideal customer is so that you can connect with them on their level based on their needs and attract them to all of your online communications with less effort.

By understanding your customer fully, not only will you be adding greater value to them, but your content marketing will resonate so well with them that you won’t have to put in as much time and energy in order to gain them as your client.

And that is your ultimate goal!

Are you a freelancer, virtual assistant, online business coach or a business that provides a service to small and medium sized businesses? Do you want to be sure you genuinely know your ideal customer so that you can convert them into customers with less effort?

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