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6 Companies Who Are Killing It with Their Business Blogs & Their Customers are Happily Paying Them in Spades for Creating Such Great Content!

When it comes to blogging you need to have a strategic plan in place in order to ensure that your business objectives are met. But not only that! You also need to meet the eager desires of your audience so that you’re creating value in their time of need.

Check out these blogs killing it with their blogging strategies: – their blog located at
You see that their content is extremely useful for their target audience. Those reading their blog posts are gaining insights and benefiting from the information that they are making available to their readers. For example, this post  Frigid Fitness: What To Know Before Embracing A Cold-Weather Workout

You see that they are not tooting their own horns and boasting about how great their products are. However, what they are doing is they are providing useful information that their customers need and their customers may not have even realized how much they needed that type of information.

However, when their reader reads the article, they realize how helpful the information is and ultimately care deeply that is type of information is being made available to them. This in turn helps them become loyal fans wanting to spread the word about this business. Not only that, but these readers will continue to look forward to these informative posts that are beneficial to their overall health and they’ll want to share these insights with everyone they know.

Now that’s what you call building brand ambassadors! Not to mention that that’s also a great way to grow word-of-mouth marketing by being genuine and providing personalized care through engaging content!

Photographer Jeanne Yang of Jeanne Yang Photography does an amazing job at blogging in that she is so natural in her communications with her readers. It gives such a personal touch and makes her much more likable. She documented some black and white photos of her travels in one of her blog posts. But what’s great is that she actually said how terrible she was at blogging. Then she showcases her work through her travels adding that little bit of something special.

Check out some other industry blog post titles:

Finance: has informative videos aimed at helping their readers in money matters. Their blog posts are incredibly helpful to their readers.

20 Common Money Mistakes and How to Avoid Them – They look after their audience by alleviating potential money problems ahead of time by making smart money decisions!

Why You Might Not Want to Get Married – She did a post and Youtube video highlighting how it could actually cost you by deciding to make your relationship official through marriage. She offers situations and insightful tips readers need to consider if that’s the route they choose to take in their relationship and how it can potentially hurt them financially.

Minimalism & Budgeting

A great budgeting article titled: How Choosing to Live Smaller Ended Up Costing Me More. This article is compelling and intriguing. It focuses on the readers curiosity, but at the same time is so insightful and detailed and offering advice that may indeed help readers who have considered adopting the oh so popular minimal lifestyle.


Popular healthy food grocer Whole Foods posts articles to their blog not discussing how fresh their products are.

You won’t hear them say;

“our zuccini’s are so fresh!”

But they instead offer to show you how  — through their engaging articles, you can use their fresh vegetables to make delicious meals.

For example, they offer a “Grilling Guide” for their audience. Now, that’s useful content that their readers can use, share and love!

Business: did an article called “My Million Dollar Mistake”. This type of blog post works well because it talks about the writer’s real-life mistakes and shares how the reader shouldn’t make the same mistake. Sharing your real world experience can provide more transparency and trust and make your reader gain more respect for you. They will feel as though you’re more relatable then other business bloggers. Your informative post will ultimately make them feel like you are a true friend whose looking out for their best interests.

By sharing your bad experience and offering advice on how your readers shouldn’t make the same mistake, this make you much more personable. It is also an incredibly brilliant strategy to use for a blog post as it will help you gain a loyal following of people who trust you because you have shared something so intimately personal. And that’s an honorable characteristic of someone worth trusting.

Blogs are also great for service businesses. Let’s take for example. Their blog located at provides a video creation platform and API service and has useful blog posts that their client’s and customers can benefit from. Most specifically, their blog post titled “How a video creation solution will empower your user’s business and yours” post shows readers that it’s not about the video service they’re providing, but they want to show them how using that type of service in their marketing arsenal can help their customer’s users as well of the business of their customer.

They’re doing a double-whammy of looking out for the interest of their clients and their client’s clients!

They also have another post that shares with readers how video marketing can boost their business through the post: “Better Marketing Results with Video”. They show the overall results from a wide-range of other businesses successfully using video marketing to grow their business and profits.

This type of benefit-ridden post informs their readers of winning strategies that they too can use. And best of all, the post is strategically aligned with’s key service!


Food blogger Tieghan Gerard of Half Baked Harvest does an eloquent job of blogging about her cooking and baking. She adds that personal touch to each post, giving readers an inside look at how she creates each dish.

Even when a post is sponsored, she weaves the sponsored product into her delicious creations.

House & Home:

For example, this post “A Sneak Peek Inside My Pantry with Crate and Barrel”, she discusses how she organizes her pantry and uses Crate & Barrel’s furniture pieces like baskets and bowls etc., as props and photography styling tools as well as organizational storage for her business. Her post leads to the full personal article on Crate and Barrel’s site.

Writing a blog post like this is a great way to incorporate your partner products, while showing your readers how you use the products to make all the magic in your business happen! This post is worth looking at because it is a good example of how a brilliant (yet simple) topic idea like this can create great content for a food blogger or any other lifestyle blogger. Take a look at the post so that it can give you greater insight on how to blog like a genius!

Remember your main intention of your blog meet your business objectives while ensuring that your readers are gaining some value from your post.

You may entertain them, inform them or provide them with some greater insight. This will make them eager to come back again when you share your next post.

What other businesses do you know that’s doing blogging right?

I’ll try to update this page when I stumble upon more great blogs in the near future.