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Nowadays we have so many choices available to us that it can by paralyzing. Sometimes choosing one thing can be made easier based on recommendations from friends, family or colleagues. But the best choices are the ones that stay true to ourselves and our values. Our past experiences and our knowledge also play a factor in many of our decisions.

In his book “The Paradox of Choice”, author and psychologist Barry Schwartz, states that any more than six choices can lead to indecision and lost sales for a company. The argument is a solid one, he says…

“When there are lots of choices, people tend to put more effort into making decisions and less into enjoying them. What bothers them is the possibility that, if they had chosen differently, they could have gotten something better.”

The same is true for our career choices. There are so many facets to our personality and who we are that making one career choice at a young age can be a daunting task – especially when there is so much more knowledge, expertise and parts of our personality that make up who we are. It’s these things that we should be sharing with the world. It’s these things that we should be spending our time on because it brings us joy, but also doing these things to help people will bring fulfillment to everyone! 

That said, the Divine Work Life’s goal is to provide you easy access to the resources, tools and information that you can implement today to earn a living using your expertise, talent and knowledge and to help you to find people eager to learn from you, and who are happy to pay you for it!

Here at the Divine Work Life.com, you’ll discover the best path for you. You just need to choose one that works for you. This is where you’ll learn how to do just that.

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