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9 Ways to Know You’re In the Right Job!

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9 Ways to Know You’re In the Right Job

Do you feel stuck in a rut in your job? Dreading your daily commute? Questioning if “this is it” to your life? You’re not alone!

Same ol’ same ol’ … You get to work, you do the same tasks you did last week and the week before that, and the week before that…

For some, being in an well-respected job — the title is honorable to many. But it’s the repetitive tasks and perhaps just tasks they don’t like doing that lead to the feeling of dread each day, only to do it all again the next.

“Is this it”?

I often asked myself this question as I drove in to work each day. If
you’ve been asking yourself this same question or a similar question while feeling uninspired, stuck in a rut and wondering if the work you are doing currently is the right work for you, it’s most likely that you know the answer. After all, if you’re asking that question it’s very likely that you already know that there is something better for you out there. You just haven’t figured out what it is.

The Need for Change …

Sometimes when you’re in a job you don’t like, you may feel the need to go and search for a new job. But who is to say that the new job is going to feel any different after a few months working? A change of environment is not always the answer.

Sometimes you don’t necessarily have to change the work you’re doing, but you may need to just change who you are working with, who you are working for or simply change the industry — to one that better resonates with you, your personality and your core values.

Perhaps you want a job and career that you feel that the work you are doing important to you and the rest of the world. After all, you have skills that are marketable, you just need to put those skills to work in the right place, while doing so using your core strengths.

But how do you do this? How do you know which work is the right work for you?!?

Keep reading to find out …

Can LOVE pay the bills?

Loving our job and careers is something we all dream about. But the reality is that is simply not the case. For most people, getting a steady pay cheque is the focus.

Unfortunately for many of us, getting up in the morning and feeling content and happy about going to work — it’s simply not the case. Often times, it’s a struggle just to get up. Then there is sometimes that sick feeling that lingers in your stomach up until the moment work begins. After all, the bills need to be paid right! But for those of us who love what we do, it’s often a completely different feeling.

For those who love their day – or night job, it’s a feeling of exhilaration, excitement and adrenalin in anticipation for the day ahead. Are you one of those people?
Is your current work a mover or a shaker?

Here are 9 Ways to Know If You Are In the Right Job

You wake up excited to get started.

You like the people you work with.

You get excited thinking about the work you do that it has become a part of your daily life. When the day ends, you’re excited to see what tomorrow brings.

Work does not feel like work but it feels like it is exciting play that keeps you on your toes and excited to share what you do with others.

You often find it hard to separate your work life from your personal life. You see it as a nice union and partnership.

When you read magazine articles or watch videos or hear talks about things related to the work you do, you perk up and listen, even after a long day. It still excites you!

You often find it hard to stop working not because you have deadlines to meet or need to make money, but because you’re in the moment and enjoying it so much.

Even the struggles keep you moving forward because you believe so much in what you do and you enjoy doing it.

People comment on your enthusiasm and/or how happy you are.

People who enjoy what they do exude a vibrancy and love of life and work.

Of course there are always elements of our job that we dislike, but for the most part for those who love what they do, it’s just an extension of who they are. Often times, what they do is related to how they played as children. For example, a child who always loved sitting and drawing, now as an adult loves their career as a book illustrator simply because that is divinely who they are. Their work has become an extension of the person they really are and have always been. Best of all, people take notice simply because when we love what we do, we are happier and people tend to gravitate towards happier people.

A happy illustrator, graphic designer or photographer will get clients who love to continue working with them for the simple fact that they are happier and they have that wonderful personal connection and clients are able to see the passion that person brings into in their work. It’s that same passion that they put into everything that they do in order to produce a product or service that their clients and customers or fans will love!

Success is not only about numbers, but it’s also about being totally aligned with who you are as an individual.

It’s having the ability to live a congruent lifestyle that clearly projects your true character and the values you hold dear. The job and career that’s right for you is one that gives you the ability to share those same values with those you work with.

If you speak to anyone who enjoys their work, you’ll bet they checked each of the nine points above.

Living a congruent life that’s divinely yours that allows you to earn a living in the way that you choose is truly a blessing for those who have found it. And for those who have, it can be summed up very well in this quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe that says:

“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.”

Life is too short not to enjoy it. You and I are worth it! Why not spend a majority of our day enjoying it!

By giving of ourselves and sharing our strengths, gifts, experiences and talents with the world, we are better able to add value where it is needed the most.

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How many of the points above did you check off?

Is it time to move on or are you one of the lucky ones enjoying what you do?

Either way, I’d love to hear from you. Please share your comments below.